Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Welcome to Spaceship Urff!

Greetings, Urfflings! My name is Michael K. Rose, a science fiction slash fantasy slash paranormal writer (but not a slash writer). I've been running a blog called SpecFicPick for a while, but beginning in 2014, this will be our new home! New name, new format, new everything!

Spaceship Urff will be a bi-monthly webzine featuring articles, reviews, author interviews and anything else related to speculative fiction, books, games, etc. If you'd like to contribute or have your book listed in the first issue, see the guidelines here.

The first issue of Spaceship Urff goes live January 15, 2014! Be sure to follow us by email (see the sidebar to the right) so you don't miss a thing!

Watch Out for Snakes,
Michael K. Rose