Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spaceship Urff #1 -- Books

Books! Click on the title of each book to be taken to the Amazon product page; the author's name will send you to that author's blog or website. Authors, you can have your book listed in the next issue of SPACESHIP URFF! See the guidelines here.


Lightning Seed by Nathan McGrath - A broken America trapped in a persistent winter; all communications dead. Haunted by strange visions, an amnesiac teenager and an army veteran race across a frozen, landscape to prevent an alliance of extremists from destroying an entire city with a sinister WMD.

The Tale by David Kingsley Evans - Colourful but imperfect characters stride the Galaxy. In an emotional whirlpool races struggle to survive when faced with the coming of darkness. Deep, violent and in parts even waggish. You meet two of the most vicious races ever to evolve. With the galaxy ravaged by war only evil prevails.

The Queen's Martian Rifles by ME Brines - Does the secret to the origin of Mankind lie within the Great Pyramid of Mars? The Queen's Martian Rifles - A Romantic Steampunk Adventure.

Dignity by Eva Caye - Lady Felicia Sorensen is pressured to date Emperor Victor Sinclair, who has fallen in love with her! Showered with extravagant gowns and attention, she longs to do research in her lab, not a stressful, dangerous destiny as Empress. How can she bend to the political necessities of a high elevation?

The Descendant by Kelley Grealis - When Allison Carmichael discovers the truth about her biblical lineage, she wishes she hadn’t searched so hard for the answers she thought she wanted. Faced with an impossible decision – sacrifice her mortal life or damn her soul for eternity – which will Allison choose? And can she decide before the choice is made for her?


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